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shed progress

The storage shed.....before

the doorstep....before and after

from one angle....

another angle.....before and after

this wall is dedicated to Rockey.....

and the piece-de-resistance.....from start to finish

next is install electricity, repair the roof and paint outside.

Stuff and Storage

It's amazing how much stuff we gather about us. Were trying to clear out our basement so that we can make a cold room and move my shop equipment to the "Blue" shed. Problem being the Blue shed is full of crap, and some stuff we want to keep. About five or six trips to the dump will take care of the crap. So step one is to get one of the outbuildings that is staying set up for storage. Mike and Barb Rockey were up and helped getting the project well under way. First thing was to dung the shed out. And then build shelves along three walls and a centre storage island. All out of scrap lumber that was left desintegrating by the outbuildings. I didn't even have to use the salvaged barnwood which I want to save for furniture projects.

Spring has Sprung

When we got home from our trip the snow was practically all gone. The water running down our ditches cut pretty deep. The road was in pretty good condition. About a week of mud, and now its dried up - rutted but dried up. It's been really cold the last couple of days. Not like the 12 days previous when we were out in the sun in our shirt sleeves. One of this summers projects is to get some gravel on the roads. The mud here apparently has the ability to suck unlimited loads of Gravel. The one thing this immediate area doesn't have is plentiful clean gravel. The stuff on our property is glacial till. Read muddy gravel.