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The Big Dog

Doing a bit of fencing lately. Plans for a lot more to follow.  Our two sheep finally figured out that the white row covers tented over the tires in the garden were not impenetrable force fields.  Indeed, they parted easily to sharp hooves, revealing some luscious fresh veg underneath.  Came close to catastrophic crop failure. That required an emergency fencing project.  Fortunately, we had a pile of tires, pallets, and old doors on hand. As the skidsteer auger wasn't available we  put large truck tires on the ground every six feet, screwed the doors to them and voila, the door fence. The tires will get filled with soil to increase garden space.

Mind you, we only had about a hundred feet of old doors so we had to improvise the gap.  Screwed pallets together end to end in a zig zag fence pattern and stuck some tires in the "V's" of the run.

Worked like a charm and was quick!  The sheep are now excluded from the garden. A proper board fence to follow.  The animals have…