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Sheiks of Endako

We've had a couple of days of warmish weather - almost hit 25C (77F ) and we've been working some long days getting the garden going.  Mind you, I've had some help with weeding the garden.

We scored a bit of a fixer upper.  It's solid, four wheels and the frame is in great shape.  A little paint and some TLC and it will be good to go.  Perfect for moving some pigs to the processor.

This year we've replaced the deteriorated plastic octagon tire lids with heavy weight row fabric.  Trying to get the most out of our two month growing season.  This is just the start.  They look like a bunch of mini Yurts! Or a tribe of Bedouins have moved in.. They do make a fantastic difference in soil temperature and hold in the moisture, and hopefully keep out the dreaded cabbage looper.
 The fabric is held on with clamps made from semi-circles of PEX tubing.  The tent pole in the middle is an irrigation riser with a can on it to prevent the fabric from ripping..
Off to town to pic…

Doggie Spa

Just back from a trip to the Coast to see my granddaughters.  It was a blistering hot 24C down there, snowing here.  Just a little reminder.  I brought my eldest daughter's family dog back for a vacation.  She hasn't been here for over a year but she started to get very excited when we passed the squirrel tree.
When she was here last we didn't have free range chickens or Shogs ( Sheep who think they are dogs) running around the place.  And a Pyrenees and puppies.  Time for some pack bonding.

The dandelions are just out.  Another sign that planting time is upon us.  Apparently the Morels should be out too, but I haven't noticed any.

Looks like rain this afternoon so were going to try and get part of the garden planted.  The May long weekend is traditional for planting around here.  We'll still get some frost, but it shouldn't be the killing kind.

Also working on the Barn upgrade and need to harrow the fields.  Jeez I better go I don't have time to Blog..

Breakfast of Champions

It was the first warm morning this Spring, so breakfast on the front steps seemed like a great idea!  Hopefully the warm will continue.  We're busy chitting some Cariboo and Purple Russian potato's left over from last year.  Basically it just means putting them in the light to sprout and then cutting them and letting the cut heal before planting.

Still pulling nails from two by four studs to get the Barn project progressing..

Hope there's plenty of sunny days in your future.

Chewing the Fat

Spring time.  I suppose.  Woke up a couple of days ago and, overnight, the fields have turned from brown to green.  Much to the delight of the lambs and chickens.  Having said that,  here's a picture of yesterday morning..

 We have lats of Cabbages and Cucumbers growing in the green house. Like last year,  the first things up were the Flin Flon onions.  My Aunty Mabel gave me the bulbs which came from her Northern Manitoba garden via Summerland.

Were crazy busy. Right in the middle of the Barn rebuild.

 We are taking a log barn that was in pretty good shape putting in floors, insulated walls and pens to hold the burgeoning animal stock. 
The job started out with a day long dung out.  With some help from the lambs.
Who have heard a rumour their getting new digs out of the place

The barn was used to store a lot of household stuff that the pack-rats had picked through.  They must have had a party or two:

the floor was a hand hewn log floor but had some gaps between the logs so we dec…