Sheiks of Endako

We've had a couple of days of warmish weather - almost hit 25C (77F ) and we've been working some long days getting the garden going.  Mind you, I've had some help with weeding the garden.

We scored a bit of a fixer upper.  It's solid, four wheels and the frame is in great shape.  A little paint and some TLC and it will be good to go.  Perfect for moving some pigs to the processor.

This year we've replaced the deteriorated plastic octagon tire lids with heavy weight row fabric.  Trying to get the most out of our two month growing season.  This is just the start.  They look like a bunch of mini Yurts! Or a tribe of Bedouins have moved in.. They do make a fantastic difference in soil temperature and hold in the moisture, and hopefully keep out the dreaded cabbage looper.
 The fabric is held on with clamps made from semi-circles of PEX tubing.  The tent pole in the middle is an irrigation riser with a can on it to prevent the fabric from ripping..
Off to town to pick up some supplies and then back to do some work on the irrigation system.  The pigs are all out in the pasture now and enjoying the wallows formed by a creek that runs through the back.  Hopefully in a week or so they'll be able to check out their new digs.

Hope your having a great week!


A two month growing season! How do you do it Art ? I would give up I'm afraid but you remain brave and determined to beat the ugly Mother Nature that lives in your area. You are my gardening hero.
Art Blomquist said…
We extend the growing season! Plant covers and a four season green house..

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