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Did you ever wonder..

Well I have. Just where is the Internet. Travelling up the Fraser Canyon to get to Terrace by Sunday we ran across the internet. We had noticed it before on the trip down. Makes sense, large storage volume, highspeed connection ( well 80 kmh) some damage to the nearby foliage, which my Sister Echo attributes to people "Logging on".

We are going to Terrace to take some training so we can do training courses with budding prospectors. A rockhounds dream come true. We only found out today so our trip has been cut short so we can get back home on our way West to Terrace.

Rock On

At the Rock Show. We're the security detail. If you come in and fondle our Agates you'll be in for a big surprise. This is one of the big events for the Hastings Rock club. A couple of thousand people will be coming through the doors looking for rock-bottom prices. And finding them too.

I can quit anytime I want..

Just got the highspeed connection and it's been down for the last couple of days. The techie types aren't sure why it's happening. I always worry when a techie says something like " Gosh, I've never seen anything like that before..." 'cuz when I use that line it means that code I gnashed together late last night wasn't really as robust as it could have been.

We're getting prepared for a trip to the coast. 12 hours - and that's just stopping for a coffe to go, and leaving the last coffee to go. Looks like the weather down there is being a bit snowy. We have a local kid come and feed the hired help and the neighbors drop in to check on the state of the bunker.

Gotta remember to pick up a salt lick in Vanderhoof for Mabel the moose..

One Man's Garbage..

Cool. I was tooling around in one of our sheds. The one that
is going to be my workshop and lo and behold tucked under a stack of Watch towers, and old Penthouse magazines ( now there's a juxtaposition..) I found this neat old oil heater. A thing of beauty. I think the Triangle sheet metal Logo is pretty great. Some people don't get it tho. A friend of mine dropped over and I showed it to him. His reply: " does it work?" just shows me that one man's treasure is someone elses garbage. It's been snowing all day. Quiet and peaceful.
And the temperature inside, a balmy 20. Didn't fill the RSF quite so full. It was still warm when we got out of bed this morning.

If you can't stand the heat...

All winter we've been keeping the place heated with an electric furnace and an air tight fireplace upstairs. The fireplace is nice after supper when were watching the tube. Homey. But the Electric fireplace, while handy, when the wood fires go out is expensive. We figure about $150 bucks a month to keep the place warm. Today a my friend Ed came over and checked out the Big RSF wood furnace and the chimney in the basement and proclaimed them ready to go. So around 1pm we filled it up with a half a cord of wood and lit 'er up. It's now 10:00 pm and it -5 outside. I know cause I've been out on the veranda cooling off. Jo-Ann is in a tank top and shorts, no socks. We've had the doors open and the temperature is falling to 24 degrees - that's inside. Jeez, I don't know who the guy was who said log homes were hard to heat -- but he was never in this one! Any way it's kind of neat. Something nice about wood heat.

The East Side

In this pic you can see where I am going to have to install a roof over the balcony steps to keep the snow from falling on the steps. I'll just add this one to the late Spring 2do list. The steps got put in as a result of removing a corner of the place to get rid of an ant infestation. The Burl logs get stained the same as the other logs when
the weather warms up a bit. Then the roof gets
painted green and the part that is dark brown
gets painted a light brown. Taupe, I believe.

The Hired Help

So have you ever had one of those days when the code is all written in some ancient Sanskrit and you have to call in an expert. Chickie does help out a lot. Her specialty is holding down any loose papers on my desk. Particularly if its a peice of paper I'm working with. But she does work for snacks. And does tricks for them. Shake a paw, High Five, Sit up and Head bonk. Jo is trying to get her to answer the phone.