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Cramping my Style

We've had a sudden elevation in temperature.  In one day it rose over 20 degrees.   No need to dress like this for a sojourn to the animal sheds:

 It is now hovering just above freezing.  In January.  That means that our driveway and local parking lots  have turned into curling rinks.  Time to take measures.  Like putting on crampons to walk around the yard.  Normal boots, no matter how good the soles are won't ensure a vertical stance.  Not on Ice lubricated with melt water.

We got these several years ago and the are the cat's meow for this weather.  They are vibram soles studded with replaceable screw in studs that mount on the soles of our boots with velcro straps.  We got them from Lee Valley a Canadian supplier of high quality woodworking and gardening tools, with a no questions asked return policy.

The increase in temperature means no more wood fires required in the green house.  A day of sun, even partial sun, keeps the green house toasty all through the night.  I a…
This January seems to be making up for last January's lack of snow.  
The tire garden is covered .
The dogs enjoy playing in the snow.  But don't seem to be chasing mice as much as last year.
The boler sits, comfy, but a bit forlorn, wistfully hoping for another trip.
The abandoned root celler is quietly waiting for spring and maybe a rebirth.
The path to Grandmas, and the woodlot took a lot f plowing to clear it.  Chains on all skidsteer tires too!
Honest it doesn't feel like we've been incarcerated.
It would be a lot of shoveling to clear all the paths .  And more on the way.  A friend gifted us a bag of purple spuds.  Taste delicious.  But they are purple. 

Just sitting around waiting for the snow to stop so we can start clearing it.  According to the weather channel that will be around the end of next week.  Just may have to do one before just to keep the place clear.

Chickens Like Snow Cones

It's not that they don't have plenty of fresh water, they just seem to like the crunchy coolness of snow.  We first noticed it when we went into the pen to collect eggs.  The would gather around and peck the snow off of our snow boots.  Now they raise a fuss when we come through the door.  They insist that job one is to give them a handful of snow.  Particularly the hard top crust.  And we thought the piggies could get vocal around meal time..

Jo-Ann smoked a beef brisket  and made baked beans for new years day supper.

 We used my son in laws rub recipe. Perhaps a tad too much  Cayenne for some but I think it's just right.  A fairly long process - like twelve or thirteen hours at  225C or so.  It was cold enough that I had to put insulation around the smoker to keep the temperature up.  We also smoked a bone for the doggies.

  They know something wonderful is in there but we haven't given it to them yet.  First I have to cut it in half to avoid any disagreements.  We d…