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Of Cabbages and Kings

Well I certainly feel like a king! This year was our first garden and we're eating out of it. I made a few mistakes - like not planting early enough and not getting enough straw for the spuds but stuff worked out so well that I am going big time next year. I want to be able to feed ourselves from our own place. It'll be mostly root vegtables and a porker and some beef.

Hope to get the hot box going this winter for some mid winter fresh treats.

Rocks in my Head

One of our retirement dreams was to go camping in our Boler and rock hound. We've been so busy with stuff we haven't had much time to do that. When some friends of ours, Ernie and Bev Olynik, dropped by and asked if we would like to go on a camping and rockhounding trip with them to a local area we jumped at the chance. I orginally thought that we were only going for a couple or three days. Well we were having so much fun and enjoying the scenery so much I couldn't drag Jo-Ann away and we spent a week out in the bush - till we ran out of propane.

Kinda need that now that it's starting to snow at the higher elevations.And were getting a little wary of all the Moose hunters that were out on the weekend. When the logging rigs are not using the roads.

Ernie has this great boat - kinda like a landing craft. I felt like we were storming the beaches of Normandy as we explored Cheslata lake. Five of us and Four dogs.

One of the days we spent checking out sites high above Cheslata…

Whack Job

I spent the last couple of days staining a log cabin on Francois lake. Million dollar view. Nicest ride to work I have ever had. Well with the possible exception of the day I retired from the City.

Our friends the Reids dropped by last night an left me a weed wacker. On steroids. This one could whack an acre an hour. Which is the kind of cutting power I need around here now that we don't have the cows munching the lawn around the house. All four acres of it. It was a thank you for helping them with their big 50th bash. Really over the top generous of them. And very much appreciated.

Here's a photo of my new best friend:

I was out cleaning out the Boler for a rock trip. A mouse had been in there and sampled every paper item to see if it had R40 insullation value. Winters comming. Man they can sure make a mess. I will have to put a live trap in there. They seem to be a sucker for it. It even captures multiples of them. I don't know what the mice do, you would t…