Whack Job

I spent the last couple of days staining a log cabin on Francois lake. Million dollar view. Nicest ride to work I have ever had. Well with the possible exception of the day I retired from the City.

Our friends the Reids dropped by last night an left me a weed wacker. On steroids. This one could whack an acre an hour. Which is the kind of cutting power I need around here now that we don't have the cows munching the lawn around the house. All four acres of it. It was a thank you for helping them with their big 50th bash. Really over the top generous of them. And very much appreciated.

Here's a photo of my new best friend:

I was out cleaning out the Boler for a rock trip. A mouse had been in there and sampled every paper item to see if it had R40 insullation value. Winters comming. Man they can sure make a mess. I will have to put a live trap in there. They seem to be a sucker for it. It even captures multiples of them. I don't know what the mice do, you would think they would avoid a trap that had a live mouse in but I think they must call their buddies for help or something. I saw a half a dozen in a trap at my neighbors. Misery likes company.


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