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The "Retired" Garden

We spent a week away visiting Echo and Grant and we went camping with the Rockies at Howard Lake. Back on the spread. We're working on the Garden. What we are doing is planting the Garden in stacks of Tires. Two different methods: using two logging truck tires with the top sidewall cut out, as a raised bed type, and stacking car tires as potatoe raised beds. We start out with one tire and some soil and when the spud leaves are about a foot high we add straw around the plant and add a tire. Untill we get about six high. Then when the spuds are ready you just take off the tires from the top and pluck the dirt free spuds. Today were off to the neighbors to get some soil. And then to the nursary to get some "Tomy Toes" plants. And seeds. It seems that the ones Jo orderd a month ago from the states haven't been shipped because they couldn't figure out our address It's still not getting much above 10 degrees at night so I have to wait to do some staining…

Can't Wait Untill School's out

Remember that feeling. Sitting in the classroom while the outside glowed with green, beckoning us to come out and play? Well that's how I feel now. I took the day off yesterday and needed to sit inside and do some work on the computer. Jeez. Oh well the view from the study window is great and it did rain a little. A couple of more days and I can get out. Need to get the spuds planted. My neighbour down the hill planted some today so the race is on.

Tough Shedding

Well not really but things seem to take twice as long as I expect them too. Mr. Patience. I have got the roof repaired on the shed and replaced the Facia with some treated planking. I had to buy the 2 X 8's as I didn't want to cut the 2 X 12's I have stashed. Their for a workbench in the Blue shed. Next I'll pressure wash the shed, then prime and paint the outside. Give it a little protection, so that it will last a while. If I get time tommorrow I'll fix up the front broken window and add some window sills so the water can drain off. I'll find out tomorrow if anyone still sells window glass and putty.