Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Thinking..

There is an old house at the bottom of the property tucked away on a bench just off of Savory Road. It is a nice piece of property, the buildings are useless, not even much for salvage, but wonder of wonders we found some great small size gravel suitable for top dressing the road.

I was examining an old outhouse weirdly built within twenty feet of the well. So I got to thinking some deep thoughts:

Is it worth rebuilding this old wagon as a log hauler?

All photos are from my Photographer friend Mike Rockey. He and wife Barb are visiting with us and were having a great time. We took a break from some projects and hiked up to a ridge just East of us that has a great view of the valley. For reasons that don't need a lot of explaining, it is now known as "Bear Crap Ridge"..or something similar:

The underbrush is starting to turn colour. Autumn is upon us.
This is the trip down across one of the Saskatoon berry fields. Remember the aforementioned ridge? This is one of the many fields where the poop comes from. You can see the smoke haze in the distance. The farthest ridge is about 17 kilometers away.

We still have some "flutterbys"as my daughter Sara used to call them:

The pond looks nice in the Autum light. Mike and Barb have two nice doggies and the pack loves splashing in the water during the daily walks.

There is still a lot of smoke in the air from three forest fires a hundred kilometers West of us making for some spectacular sunsets.

And so to bed..

Hope your having a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Can Be A Pain In the...

Butt, I've found a cure:

You gotta love this product. Actually it's just Zinc Oxide, which is a miracle cure for any kind of skin irritation. Here's another product that we like to keep around. It too, is great for chapped hands.
We get it at the local feed store. Another amazing product with a name easily misconstrued.

It has been hovering around freezing at night so I am covering some of the garden to keep a little heat happening. I may have to install some heating in some of them. We're now getting the winter wood in and generally getting the joint ready for winter. I.E. putting away anything that can get covered with snow. Making sure the snow dumps are clear.

I just got back from a week at the coast. I am getting totally "Endakoized" i.e. Like a country bumkin when I go to the big city. I just don't like being surrounded by all the buzz. My daughter Sara, took me out and fitted me with some road running shoes and some trail runners. What a difference they make. But she couldn't talk me into "technical underwear". Maybe later..

Hope your having a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Progress Not Perfection..

Making progress with the steps. Steps are like that! You start them and you never know where the heck your going to end up. In this case I ended up with a lot stronger foundation—and that can't be a bad thing.
Here's a handy trick when painting doors, or any large panel. Insert a couple of screws in the centre of each end and place them on sawhorses so that I can spin it and paint both sides without waiting for one side to dry.
Note the cans of paint anchoring the saw horses down. I used a rustoleum door paint and it worked really well. Flat and tough, and it dried in a few hours for a recoat. I also painted the sash with porch and floor enamel. It took so long to dry I had to put the heat on in the shop! It is getting down to near freezing at night. Here's the finished product. I am looking for a matching fixture but will probably have to order one online.

With the help of a friend I sanded down the rear bumper on the truck, chiseled off the old rusted gas can holders and repainted it with spray on truck bed liner paint from Canada Tire. It is amazingly stuff tough and it dries to re-coat in five minutes. We put six coats on the bumper and It came out better than the original baked on finish which had deteriorated. With a new High Lift Jack-All and fuel cans it looks pretty spiffy.

Were a little concerned with Xena. She has taken to acting very "grown up lately", pretending to smoke for one:
She found a stash of deer bones and has taken to going on our morning walks with one sticking out of her mouth like a stogy..Kids..

Speaking of which we have a few new ones. We dropped by the Vets the other day and I was having a chat with an older white cat who had been dropped off at the Vets door step in the middle of the night. He was telling me his tale of woes and after I told him about the great time the Katz at our place were having he jumped in the back of the truck and wouldn't come out. His name was Kermode - which of course immediately got changed to Kermit. He settled down in the shop and has become shop cat number two. With just a little hissing from Boose to show Kermit who really is the boss of the place.

The Vet's were so grateful that we adopted Kermit they threw in a nice little kitten for Jo-Ann, which has become Ewe's best bud:
His name is Jack, which is short for "Black Jack Shellac in his Frontenac Hat "But I am sure you will see more of him on Jo-Ann's Blog..

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Somethings Rotten ..

In the state of Xanadu. I finished painting and installing the ceiling panels. Installed a new porch light ( waiting for another one to arrive) Even hung the horse shoe, after painting it gold. Sharpens up the old Front porch:
Ah, lovely. Some porch and floor enamal and then paint the grate at the top of the stairs. Oh Well the best laid plans.. of course when I removed the grate I found that there was dry rot on the landing, the part that holds the grate, and sometimes a couple of people laden with supplies:
And where there is a little dry rot there is usually a lot. Here is what 20 penny nails look like when they have absorbed water for 20 years or more. And these nails were holding up the entire grate.

The wood wasn't preserved in any way. The uprights had endgrain exposed to water. Where the two by material was joined to the side pieces a natural water trap formed. Bad design, faulty construction. Not good for wood.

As Mike Holmes says: " I decided to take the whole thing down." Well, just the top landing. I have a great sawzall and it made short work of the deconstruction.

Of course I had to build support scaffolding to keep the porch from falling away from the house.. This project just keeps getting bigger. The thing is: I want it right, not hoojeeballed in any way. Hoojeeballed is a word we've coined for banging things together without regard for doing it the right way. The good enough for now mindset. Think of the "Canada's Worst Handyman' T.V. show. I want it done right the first time. The learning here, for me, is always check the basic structure, before doing any upgrades. Paint is nice but it won't hold the structure up. I suppose the life lesson is that the basics need to be covered. Don't know why I have to keep having that lesson. Maybe because I keep needing to?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Smoke on the Wind

We've been getting warnings of thunder showers and lightening but so far nothing. It has clouded over and yesterday we noticed a smoky haze covering the sky. It made for some spectacular sunsets.
We can't seem to find any info on where the fire is burning but this morning the sky seems to have cleared up.

On another note entirely, we needed some more storage space in the kitchen, so to tide us over until the cabinet maker gets his 'er wood together we resurected this piece which was languishing in the old blue shop:
Naturally distressed. I just may Jazz it up a bit with some Milk Paint, but right now I am trying to get the outside projects going while outside is still viable.

It's puffball season again. This one wasn't particularly big, and we picked it a little late so it was a bit spongy.
I have been clearing some of the paths around the property here's the one that parallels our driveway:
Of course after a walk it's mandatory to have a proper cool down, Cleo was afraid of the hose at first but has started to enjoy the cool rubdown:
Xena Likes to bite at the hose water whenever she gets the chance and really enjoys the water misting:
I think we've discovered what's been eating our garden, besides ourselves:
Were not sure what it is but it is voracious. We pumped a couple of gallons of Ivory liquid and water on all the leaves and I am about to go and check to see if it's had any effect. It does come highly recommended. Any Idea what to name these beasties? Besides **#!!!&^, which I've already thought of..