Smoke on the Wind

We've been getting warnings of thunder showers and lightening but so far nothing. It has clouded over and yesterday we noticed a smoky haze covering the sky. It made for some spectacular sunsets.
We can't seem to find any info on where the fire is burning but this morning the sky seems to have cleared up.

On another note entirely, we needed some more storage space in the kitchen, so to tide us over until the cabinet maker gets his 'er wood together we resurected this piece which was languishing in the old blue shop:
Naturally distressed. I just may Jazz it up a bit with some Milk Paint, but right now I am trying to get the outside projects going while outside is still viable.

It's puffball season again. This one wasn't particularly big, and we picked it a little late so it was a bit spongy.
I have been clearing some of the paths around the property here's the one that parallels our driveway:
Of course after a walk it's mandatory to have a proper cool down, Cleo was afraid of the hose at first but has started to enjoy the cool rubdown:
Xena Likes to bite at the hose water whenever she gets the chance and really enjoys the water misting:
I think we've discovered what's been eating our garden, besides ourselves:
Were not sure what it is but it is voracious. We pumped a couple of gallons of Ivory liquid and water on all the leaves and I am about to go and check to see if it's had any effect. It does come highly recommended. Any Idea what to name these beasties? Besides **#!!!&^, which I've already thought of..


Denise E said…
I don't know! But I've seen them before. That's a neat old cupboard a little resto job and you will have it full in no time. You've slimmed down quite a bit by the pictures I've seen, weight to go!
Viki said…
Check this link for wildfires:
Art Blomquist said…
Thanks Vik, that's a great site. The smoke we were seeing must have come from the Tweedsmuir fire.

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