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Pipe Dreams

I know, I've heard it before, bet you have too.  Water runs downhill.  So last year when we cleaned out the yard cattle guard and put in a draining culvert I could have been a bit more particular about the grades of the pipes.  Alas.  The ditch under the cattle guard was four feet deep and by this spring had filled up with sand it had stolen from the driveways.  That gave the grass something to grow on and the cattle illusion of falling into a deep dark hole was no longer evident as a few of the more acrobatic Cows and calves made their way across to the obviously green grass of the yard.  Usually at four in the morning, and of course they noisily want to bellow their great achievement and encourage their more timid com-padres.

Fortunately with an excavator nearby, and brother Tom as operator, we managed to dig it all out, put in a new sixty foot drainage culvert, properly sloped.

I was working in a stupor as a result of picking up a nasty bug on a Dash 8 flight to Victoria.  Bot…