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Spring Has Sprung

Well this was Spring, all three inches of it about April 16th.  Shortly after I had decided that it might be time to put some of the plantings in the green house out into the tire Garden.  Mother Nature decided differently.  Getting bored of snow, want some greenery.  Soon.  Thankfully, I can sit in the green house, smell the tomatoes and basil, close my eyes - and I'm in my Happy Place!  I am getting the urge to get some projects finished, or started.  You can see the sliding door on the equipment shed. Solar water heating on the green house.  Get the Garden in.  May middle or so.

 The wild life is starting to show up.  This young moose didn't seem too perturbed that we are only 10 feet away.  We've been seeing vast flotillas of Pterodactyl like Sandhill cranes squawking overhead.  Hundreds of them like huge bomber wings.  The geese aren't shy about making their progress known. Red Wing Blackbirds are busy emptying the sunflower feeders. Robins and Blue birds are hop…