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Projects Not Projection

It's a case of combing the Yak.  I start out doing a project but before I do that I need to do this and then while I am doing that I might as well as do the other thing which means I have to do something 'bout...
You get the picture.  One thing does lead to another and as the saying goes" " it is often difficult to remember the original objective of draining the swamp when your up to your butt in alligators.."

Case in point: The Animal Shed, formerly know as the blue shed.   We are having a hard time locating weaner pigs.  They are going for 85$ and none to be found!  We located some Tamworths locally but even this Falls batch are already sold out.  The Pig experiment went so well we are expanding the herd.  Ditto the chickens.  I need to find a place to put the three laying hens while the 31 Rhode Island Reds take over the pen. So the Old birds go out to the Chicken tractor while the new birds grow.  With four pigs this year, one female we want to keep in the h…

Fun With Porkers

These piggies have been handled since birth and are starting to warm up to me.

Despite the rain the wild life is out and munching on the abundant grass.

Seems to be that wet is the season all across B.C. Actually when I looked at the country wide forecast it looks like the majority of Canada is all wet!  Even our friends south of the border seem to be getting drenched.

Were planting as much as we can in the green house.  Harvesting the Roma tomatoes and getting ready for the new crops.  That is if I can get rid of  nasty Spider Mite infestation.  I've tried some natural pyrethrum solutions that haven't eradicated them.  I have even resorted to some rather harsh chemicals.  If this doesn't work I am going to have to get some killer mites that feed on the Spider Mites.  It's an expensive solution but I like that it's organic and the hit team will spread out over the whole green house.

Outstanding In The Field

Well actually I am sitting.  On a rare sunny day last week I ventured down to see a neighbor and he wasn't home so I decided to demonstrate my horse viewing technique. What do you think,  have I got it about right?

Their guard dog "Bear" was doing yard duty.  Don't know why they call him bear tho.. This dog sleeps outside all winter long.  He has a huge thick coat and once he knows you he is a pretty gentle giant.
Its really been wet around here and all the melt water run off from the surrounding mountains are causing the local rivers to over flow.

This is the Endako river.  It's a small river that runs through the middle of this picture from right to left.  The lake is our bid for water front property.  The problem is that field is where the power line for us and our neighbors comes through.  Time to get the big generator checked out.
The Weiner  Pigs are doing well.  I think they were weaned about 5 or more days early but they seem to be doing all right.

This is t…

A little Gardening..

Maybe I should have given it a couple of days of sun before sallying forth with a skid steer to clear the stuff  around the Garden shed before the Move.   The more I struggled the deeper I got.  Even pushing the forks into the ground and using it to try and jack me out failed.  Must be a lesson there.  It was so stuck I was in danger of not being able to get out of the the beast. Fortunately,  a call to Brother Tom and the excavator pulled the Skid steer out without a hitch.  The problem was the trench we had dug to get power to the greenhouse was soaked with snow melt.  Just a giant mud pudding.

Chick Pickup Secrets

First you need a pad to take them back to.  This one is raised up for better chick viewing and consists of pieces of 18" high clear greenhouse plastic that was riveted together to form a circle.  It goes right to the bottom of the tire and is screwed into the tire at the top.  The whole thing sits on a piece of plywood laid on top of some pallets.  There's an electric blanket underneath to keep the footsies warm.  Plastic on that, then newspaper, paper towels and a couple of inches of chopped straw.
Secondly you got to find some chicks.  Who would have thought they come in the mail.  These are Rhode Island Reds, a dual purpose variety.

We dipped their beaks in the water, which was laden with sugar to give them a lift.  They started drinking right away - and even figured out how to use the feeder.  The sugar water made for some weird looking straw camouflaged chicks. Some gentle picking and they all are pretty fine now, and on regular water. 

Next you gotta introduce them to the …


You know, I've felt like that. 
 Went to change the tires on the Focus yesterday. Time to take a chance with summer tires.  The wheel nuts were the cheap kind, pressed on metal to make them look cool.  But any torque, and I needed lots of that, and they twist right off reveling a dinky nut underneath.  Down to Brother Tom's to use his 3/4 inch impact wrench.  Rounded off the nut, put on nut remover and used a strong arm - to break the stud off.  Ah well replacement parts ordered. Maybe Monday.

Cleo likes yogurt.  Well who doesn't.  The trick is getting that last little bit off of the bottom. With out using your fingers or a spoon. 
On our walk yesterday we heard something behind us - on the way back and look who has been following us.  Without alerting the dogs.  Now that's some trick.  As soon as Cleo saw Boose,  the wandering cat,  she assumed the down position.  She gets a chicken treat for that! Boose must walk with a pretty light foot as there were no signs of tracks…

Progress Not Perfection

Back home after a sojourn to Vancouver Island via my Granddaughters home.  Got to practice some Grandfatherly skills.
Brought home a truck and trailer full of stuff from Jo-Ann's Dad's place as he has moved out of his house to an assisted living arrangement.  Did I mention I scored a great table saw.  Now with the high tech fence I have been waiting to place on a suitable saw..  I bet those kitchen cupboards will practically build themselves!  And check out the hat!  Always wanted one of those..

 Quite a contrast from the Coast with its flowers, Cherry blossoms in bloom and shirts sleeve weather.  We had one day of brilliant, warm sunshine and went for a walk on a local dyke.

There is still patches of snow clinging to Joseph's mountain and the doggies will have an ample supply of refreshing snow cones on their morning walks for at least another week.  I haven't had to put any supplemental heat in the green house  for the last week a definate sign that Spring Progresses.  …