Fun With Porkers

These piggies have been handled since birth and are starting to warm up to me.

Despite the rain the wild life is out and munching on the abundant grass.

Seems to be that wet is the season all across B.C. Actually when I looked at the country wide forecast it looks like the majority of Canada is all wet!  Even our friends south of the border seem to be getting drenched.

Were planting as much as we can in the green house.  Harvesting the Roma tomatoes and getting ready for the new crops.  That is if I can get rid of  nasty Spider Mite infestation.  I've tried some natural pyrethrum solutions that haven't eradicated them.  I have even resorted to some rather harsh chemicals.  If this doesn't work I am going to have to get some killer mites that feed on the Spider Mites.  It's an expensive solution but I like that it's organic and the hit team will spread out over the whole green house.


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