You know, I've felt like that. 

 Went to change the tires on the Focus yesterday. Time to take a chance with summer tires.  The wheel nuts were the cheap kind, pressed on metal to make them look cool.  But any torque, and I needed lots of that, and they twist right off reveling a dinky nut underneath.  Down to Brother Tom's to use his 3/4 inch impact wrench.  Rounded off the nut, put on nut remover and used a strong arm - to break the stud off.  Ah well replacement parts ordered. Maybe Monday.

Cleo likes yogurt.  Well who doesn't.  The trick is getting that last little bit off of the bottom. With out using your fingers or a spoon. 

On our walk yesterday we heard something behind us - on the way back and look who has been following us.  Without alerting the dogs.  Now that's some trick.  As soon as Cleo saw Boose,  the wandering cat,  she assumed the down position.  She gets a chicken treat for that! Boose must walk with a pretty light foot as there were no signs of tracks and the road was still damp. 

Boose does like to go for walks but has  nothing against using a Sherpa for the steep bits back to the camp!  She does, after all, have to conserve her considerable strengths for her anti-mousing duties.

Hope any load your carrying today is as light as this cat!


Viki said…
How cool is Cleo! Good work you guys, I knew you could do it.
WHat ? You are walking around with your coat unzipped ? Must be balmy. Love the scenery. Makes me miss my Black Hills days
Art Blomquist said…
Viki: Cleo did it. We just provided the chicken treats!
Art Blomquist said…
Donna, It was a particularly warm day. But this has been a particularly weird spring. It snowed a bit a night ago, this morning there was frost on the roof. Last year around this time we were in an unprecedented heat wave. Go figure. Gotta get to them Black Hills one of these days.

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