Projects Not Projection

It's a case of combing the Yak.  I start out doing a project but before I do that I need to do this and then while I am doing that I might as well as do the other thing which means I have to do something 'bout...
You get the picture.  One thing does lead to another and as the saying goes" " it is often difficult to remember the original objective of draining the swamp when your up to your butt in alligators.."

Case in point: The Animal Shed, formerly know as the blue shed.   We are having a hard time locating weaner pigs.  They are going for 85$ and none to be found!  We located some Tamworths locally but even this Falls batch are already sold out.  The Pig experiment went so well we are expanding the herd.  Ditto the chickens.  I need to find a place to put the three laying hens while the 31 Rhode Island Reds take over the pen. So the Old birds go out to the Chicken tractor while the new birds grow.  With four pigs this year, one female we want to keep in the hopes of breeding, and another were looking for to make five, I need to get some room for bedding.  I've been using hay as it's locally available.  Would love to find a source of wood chips or sawdust but can't seem to locate it.  So I have to clean out the blue shed.  Install a freezer and fridge.  While blocking up the walls of the shed that is really on its last legs I notice that the walls will need reinforcing.  Fortunately I have a pile of 4 X 6's that will do that job.  Oh and I might as well change the chicken roosting area so that the egg laying boxes can be opened from the outside of the pen. That will mean the water has to be moved, and I want to put an outside tap in anyway.  One for the Chickens one for the Pigs.  And put up a fence so the pigs can roam free and dig up the area between the barns..

I know.  I know.  One thing at a time. And really that's the only way to do it.  Multi-tasking is really something I don't buy into any more.  Just serial projects..

And of course there's thinking about opening the barn so I can use it for a milk cow.  And the Icelandic sheep will need a place...

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so the start of the garden goes in - but first I had better put some ashes in the soil.  Roota veggies need the phosphorus. 

Now if that fence was a hundred feet West I would have room for the Apiary...
Maybe the killer mites I ordered will be in.  Fortunately they're low maintenance.  Release and listen to the death cries of the plant devouring Spider Mites..

Hope your having a great day. One smile at a time.


Denise E said…
You're gonna need a few buckets for your list.

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