Progress Not Perfection

Back home after a sojourn to Vancouver Island via my Granddaughters home.  Got to practice some Grandfatherly skills.
Jeez, look at this, no need for supplemental electrical tape...
Brought home a truck and trailer full of stuff from Jo-Ann's Dad's place as he has moved out of his house to an assisted living arrangement.  Did I mention I scored a great table saw.  Now with the high tech fence I have been waiting to place on a suitable saw..  I bet those kitchen cupboards will practically build themselves!  And check out the hat!  Always wanted one of those..

 Quite a contrast from the Coast with its flowers, Cherry blossoms in bloom and shirts sleeve weather.  We had one day of brilliant, warm sunshine and went for a walk on a local dyke.

There is still patches of snow clinging to Joseph's mountain and the doggies will have an ample supply of refreshing snow cones on their morning walks for at least another week.  I haven't had to put any supplemental heat in the green house  for the last week a definate sign that Spring Progresses.  And further evidence:  some people call these weeds, I call them a delightful yellow surge of Spring!

We have a new house guest, Lucy the Coon Hound.  She's on spring break from my Daughters place in Coquitlam and sure seems to be enjoying the Endako Doggie Park.  Cleo and Xena are in awe of her digging prowess.  There's a hole at the base of a Squirrel tree we pass on our morning walks that goes half way to China.

Would you look at that girl go!
Project wise we are clearing the last of the winters flotsam and jetsam and preparing the tire garden for planting.  Part of that is skidding our equipment shed next to the Green House and joining them with a balcony.  Some place to sit and watch the garden grow.  We're installing a heated water irrigation system for the Garden and Green house.  Basically running our very chilly spring water into three, black painted, 400 litre plastic holding tanks plumbed together and then through a pump so that the plants get watered with solar heated tepid water.  The oldsters tell me this was done by a previous gardner with prodigious results.  In this climate I need all the tricks in the book to get a crop before the snow flies.

Finally got one more bucket list cross off .  How to sharpen a knife.  Or Axe, or anything with an edge - scissors still being tricky.  I took a two night course at a local community college taught by a very knowledgeable shop teacher.  It's a simple but very effective method that uses various grits of wet dry sandpaper to produce an edge you can shave with.  Guests are now warned before picking up a knife in this house.  And the morning meat cutting chores to make doggie food seems to go a lot faster.  And safer.
At last, sharp knives abound!
Finally one for Sara:  I know you said that Lucy didn't like her bed, but here's proof she's changed her mind.

Cleo: Ah you go and sleep in that cushy bed I think I'll just watch the cat door for some feline action..
Nothing like a nice fluffy, Sheep skin covered bed  in front of the fire place to curl up in and plan tomorrows episode of Dogs in Adventure Land..

Hope your day is an adventure also..


Daughter One said…
What was I thinking? I forgot to first wear Lucy out with massive super fun digging then I forgot to put Lucy's bear skin rug on top of her cushy bed and then I forgot to place it in front of a cozy fire.... silly me. I may never learn. And Lucy may not want to come back to this horrible place, please tell her I'll be nicer....
You look good at the diaper table grandpa.!

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