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Go Fly A Kite

Do you remember how much fun it was when you were a kid to fly a kite. My Brother in law Grant and my sister dropped by for a surprise visit and he brought a couple of kites. The wind here really picks up just before a storm so we had to give them a try in the Western pasture. They really took off. Grant had one that looked like a dragon and I had a box kite. Just took me back to being a kid. Or letting the kid that's here have a say.

This next one is just after the storm that went through. God makes some nice sky.

We shipped a new software version yesterday. So now I will have some time to spend doing some outside stuff. Todays agenda is seeing if I can get the skidsteer moving. It has a dead battery, and I suspect, a bad starter. And plant some Wysteria in some tires at the South end of the house. We are going to let it grow up the house. Should be real pretty in about 10 or twelve years. If it grows. We don't know if it will grow here but the weather is changing…

Mushroom Clouds

Coming back from feeding the chickens the other day we noticed about a dozen giant puff balls growing in the rich soil between the two pole barns. These are past their prime but still a great example of how big they can get. One of these was the biggest I have ever seen. Too bad we got to them too late - if we sliced and diced them we would be in mushroom soup for the season. Oh well, we will spread them around and see what happens.

I threw this one up in the air and it came down, splat. I know it doesn't look very appetizing, and it isn't. We were a week too late.

Speaking of mushroom clouds, here is a pic of some weird clouds we saw over Fraser Lake, just after a thunder shower moved over.

We've shipped a Beta program to a customer and so far only three bugs. All of them not critical. I will fix them in the next couple of days and then, hopefully, be able to take the rest of the summer off so I can get going on a multitude of yard and equipment projects.

Strawberry Fields For Ever..

We went to the top of the property behind Grandma's yesterday and took some videos of the place. While we were there I picked a bunch of wild strawberries. They cover the place, all around the garden and sheds and generally everywhere. The problem is they are very small, usually less than a quarter of an inch. They taste wonderfully sweet. But it would take a while to get enough to put on top of your cereal tho.While checking out the egg factory we noticed that the chickens have started to get computerized. We have left them some reading material in the form of somewhat dated encyclopedias which they have been working through. I think they are a little behind modern computer programing lanquages because we discovered punch cards. Here's a picture of one with some cryptic chicken scratch coding notes on it.We're thinking of moving our old p90 test computer out to the barn and bring them into the 1998 era. We suspect they have been experimenting with "barcoding…

ATV'ing with Graeme

Graeme and I did some ATV'ing while he and Terry were here. Xena usually likes to ride with me, but this time she is way more interested in what Graeme is doing.