Mushroom Clouds

Coming back from feeding the chickens the other day we noticed about a dozen giant puff balls growing in the rich soil between the two pole barns. These are past their prime but still a great example of how big they can get. One of these was the biggest I have ever seen. Too bad we got to them too late - if we sliced and diced them we would be in mushroom soup for the season. Oh well, we will spread them around and see what happens.

I threw this one up in the air and it came down, splat. I know it doesn't look very appetizing, and it isn't. We were a week too late.

Speaking of mushroom clouds, here is a pic of some weird clouds we saw over Fraser Lake, just after a thunder shower moved over.

We've shipped a Beta program to a customer and so far only three bugs. All of them not critical. I will fix them in the next couple of days and then, hopefully, be able to take the rest of the summer off so I can get going on a multitude of yard and equipment projects.


Kevin said…
That looks like one of those "cow pie" mushrooms
Carol said…
Oh Art, you're such a fungi! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

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