Strawberry Fields For Ever..

We went to the top of the property behind Grandma's yesterday and took some videos of the place. While we were there I picked a bunch of wild strawberries. They cover the place, all around the garden and sheds and generally everywhere. The problem is they are very small, usually less than a quarter of an inch. They taste wonderfully sweet. But it would take a while to get enough to put on top of your cereal tho.While checking out the egg factory we noticed that the chickens have started to get computerized. We have left them some reading material in the form of somewhat dated encyclopedias which they have been working through. I think they are a little behind modern computer programing lanquages because we discovered punch cards. Here's a picture of one with some cryptic chicken scratch coding notes on it.We're thinking of moving our old p90 test computer out to the barn and bring them into the 1998 era. We suspect they have been experimenting with "barcoding" the eggs but the material they use washes off pretty easily so I don't know how effective that will be.

We've run into some networking issues with our program but hopefully I will finish the code for that today and be able to get to the garden...


Carol said…
Tiny, tiny strawberries. Imagine picking enough to make jam? UGH. That's a lot of picking. However, I have heard of a small rake method of picking they use to pick those tiny blueberries out East. Maybe that would work for your tiny berries.
And punch cards? Wow! When I was a kid my Dad had those punch card computers. I think those chickens have a giant air conditioner to keep those giant computers from overheating in the barn someplace!

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