Sunday, January 06, 2013

King of The Hill

The doggies love that game.  All the hillocks around the yard, remnants of the winter's snow plowing operations, have little doggy platforms at the top.  Great places to hang out and survey the fields. 

We're over wintering two boars and five sows.  Hoping for lots of weaners come spring.  They do love to prance around the one acre field the renovated barn is in.  I installed a motion sensor yard light and was surprised last night to see it cycling on and off.  I had forgotten to close the door to their barn bedding and they were out galavanting under the stars.  The girls like to go over to the blue shed where Polka Dot, our full grown boar, resides to chat him up. 

We're pretty sure we have three sows bred now.  As they come into heat we bring them over to the Boar's compound and let them spend a night or so together.  Actually, there's no need to bring them there as they will already be smooching him through the fence.  The blue spots on the sow below isn't a skin disorder,  its vegetable dye.  We're using different coloured dyes to distinguish between them.  Once they are bred they get a name.  So far we have Peg, Matilda and Polly named.  Next up are yellow and red, tentatively Mabel and Linda.  

The sheep are enjoying their new spacious quarters in the renovated log barn but really enjoy coming out and playing with the dogs on a sunny day.  Who is King of the Castle now?!

I loved the shredded daikon we get when we have Sushi at a place near my Daughter's in Coquitlam.  We could never figure out how they did it.  Turn a daikon into long tasty shreds.  We even asked them but it seemed to be a closely guarded secret.  But, ah-ha, my daughter managed to find the machine and sent me one for Christmas.  Not having anything exotic like Daikon in the local stores, I tried it out on some sweet potato.  Delicious stir-fried with some veg.  We plan a trip to Prince George or perhaps Burns Lake to score some Daikon so I can make a facsimile of "Crack Sushi"....  something we named a dish that consists of Tuna soaked in hot sauce on a bed of shredded Daikon.  My Tuna will have to be canned, as sushi grade fish is hard to come by in this neck of the forest.  

Our newest equipment purchase.  The two wheeled barrow upside down on the top of the Jeep.  Aptly named the ShizaWagon,  Jeez I've bought cars far cheaper than that thing.  But it is way easier to use than a single wheeled barrow.  

Remember now, you've got friends keeping an eye on you!