Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rocks in my Head

And the Library. We have a couple of tons of rocks we've collected over the years and really haven't taken them out of the boxes. Need some display space for them. So when we had to move the low shelf from the living room to make room for the Christmas tree the libray got a display case.

It has been unseasonly warm. Yesterday it go up to +12. Everythings melting. With dirt sticking out of the road in places. I don't know how long it will last but we sure don't use a lot of firewood. We haven't had the furnace going at night for the last four nights.

I have been dismanteling the steering column on my truck to replace the ignition. It has crapped out and either sticks with the steering wheel locked or turns and won't start. In order to get it off to put the replacement on I have to drill out two security bolts. So far I've managed to get one out. Today the saga continues.

My brother has a theory about why newer vehicles are so hard to work on. Apparently the car designer came home one day and found a mechanic makeing love to his wife...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jack-Hammer Jo - the outtake

This is the out takes from the new Endako hit movie, Jack-Hammer Jo. Thought they were worth preserving as a great example of what movie producers have to go through.

So I was having trouble getting into the blue shop. The doorway is two feet lower than the road and was just dug out enough to swing open the door. Tried stabbing it with prybars to widen it to no avail. Then I borrowed an electric jack hammer from my Nephew who uses it in his contracting business. What a difference. the frozen ground was like concrete but I managed to dig out a five X six X one foot entrance to the joint. Nice to be able to walk through the door without having to be sideways. Jo-Ann couldn't resist trying out the ultimate testostorone power tool. She looks like she was having fun. I know I was.

Next Blue shed project: replace the Chimney piping. The wind has blown it down and it's pretty burnt out anyway.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fired Up

The skidsteer that is. It was down for the count the other day. No move on one side. Tom thought it was ice in the right hand chain drive channel. The left one would steer but not the right. So I wrapped the whole shebang in a canvas tarp and then a large poly one, put a 1500 watt heater inside, charged the battery and plugged in the block heater. Lo and behold after we drained and changed the chain oil it moved. Yippee. Sure makes keeping the yard clean a lot easier. Got some chains coming for it so I will be able to keep the driveway clear and maybe beat a path to Grandmas. I have to get a path up there for the upcoming skidoo poker ride.

Got a cool tool for Christmas from the kids. It's called a FuBar.

It seems that theres not much innovation in hammers these days because all the carpenters use nail guns. But the Stanley company caught some carpenters swearing about twisting some 2X4's and the FuBar was born. It's really quite the deal. Don't think it lives up to the original meaning of "Fubar". I can't wait to try it out on all that dried fir on the old sheds that I am tearing down. After I get a path to the storage barn.

O.K. now for the rant. I haven't quite exhausted toilet paper. Like what a rip. Check out the hole size on these two rolls.

One of them proclaiming to be " lots more on the roll". Yah right. Don't make me start measuring. I bet no one does so that's how they get away with it. Just spend the money on advertising. Not making the product more useful or more for our money.

I think it's symptomatic of our consumer age. There I've said it. One third or more of the time we spend watching T.V. is devoted to getting us to buy more crap. The major way they get us is via the magic of T.V. getting us to suspend belief. T.V. as a weapon of mass distraction. Read a thought provoking book called in praise of slow. About how our world is moving so fast basically because we have too many useless choices. Do we really need 300 kinds of toothpaste. Are the advertisers pandering to our wants or have they got us pandering to theirs? Oh I know, they have an off button. Somewhere. I guess.

My kid's were worried I was going to move to a cabin in the woods and write my manifesto. They might be right.

Or I could just grow root vegtables.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Out and About

Our neighbor, Walter Read, came up last night with a four wheel drive tractor and dunged out the driveway. Easy Peezee. So we got to go to the Endako Hall meeting and yesterday went to town for lunch and toilet paper. In case of emergencys we like to keep a months supply of food and fuel. Now we've added toilet paper to the list. Got me to wondering who invented toilet paper. What a great scam. But better than the alternatives so far. Talk about an invention that hasn't changed in a long time. I mean they've consumered it to death with pillows and what ever the add agencies can come up with, but really perforated paper on a roll.
What a concept.

I just caught the Mizzes combing her hair with a metal spoon. Apparently this is not strange behavior but helps relieve the head demons. Static Electricity. She won't follow my suggestion and wrap her head in tin foil - which works for me. And the dog.

I guess I will turn on the humidifier.

I now get cell phone coverage at the place! We haven't been able to get cell phone at the compound since we moved here but apparently TELUS has put up a new tower in the area and Voila. No need to carry the Sat phone on my sojourns around the property. I had heard a rumour that Rogers was putting in a cell corridor along Highway 16 so maybe this was a pre-emptive strike in the communications war.

It's snowing like crazy now. Big fluffy flakes as it's warmed up to -15. Tomorrow I think I may fire up the skid steer.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Show on the Grader

So were waiting for the grader to come yesterday and I get a phone call from the local YRB manager informing me that they won't be doing our driveway any more. It's just to hard on the operators and the branches from the trees hit the cab.


The local guy ( see previous post) had cleared everything but the top most part where it drifts and he's just driving a pick up truck with no chains. The grader has done it several times before when the snow was totally worse - but now: No grader. To Hard for the grader guy. CRAP.

I am glad I have some people helping me or we would really be in a bad way. My Brother Tiny has got some chains for the Skid Steer but they won't be in for another week. And then he will have to deliver them by ski-do.

Until then ration the toilet paper. Keep the fire burning and use powdered milk for the porridge. I guess it could be a lot worse.

It's a beautiful day today. Clear and Sunny but colder than a Witch's nose. -28, so no playing with the skid steer. Wind chill is a killer

Great day for computing. I have been having a lot of trouble with some drives. I think something weird or even nefarious is going on with them. So am backing everything up and then going to format the drives. I am getting better at backing up my data to hard drives but I need to get an offsite backup updated. Now I just keep backup CD's at my brother Tom's place. I would like to get a LAN connection out to one of the sheds. But not sure how these machines would stand up to the colder temperatures. But consider that getting rid of heat is the main task of the overclocking crowd and it probably wouldn't be a concern.

Also realized that I need to get a DVD burner as all I have are the CD types. When it warms up a bit and I can get out of here I may make a trip to Prince George to the Big boxes to see if they have anything I can use. Read Cheap. Don't need no stinkin
Dual Core.

I've come to realize that today, computers are the sport cars of yesteryear. When guys get together we talk MHZ Gigabits Hardrives just like we use to talk about RPM's
cubic inches, and horse power.

I just need a hoe. In the traditonal sense as in gardening.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow Bound

What a surprise. We drove home from the Coast and our driveway down at Savory road only had about two inches of snow. Different story at the top where the road comes out of the trees and into the open meadow. The snow had drifted over the road so bad we barely made it. The next morning it was impassable. The fellow with the snow plow came by and managed to clear away the bottom part but couldn't clear the top part. The drifts were six feet high in places. So here we sit waiting for YRB to drop by with the road grader. Failing that I can work away for a day or so with the skid steer and get us out of here. Not that were in a big hurry to get anywhere. It's twenty below today and another foot of snow has fallen.

I have been looking at getting another computer. When I tell people the machines I work on they tend to laugh. Well there was a time when an 800 MHZ machine was a big deal. And 500 Megs of ram was over the top. Now I am looking for a cheap 1.2 mhz machine with a gig of ram. Not anything like top of the line now. But really good enough for what I am doing. I was looking at stuff down at the Coast but will probably have to order something on line now. My Son in Law Kevin's brother, Darren was over for supper when we were down and suggested building my own. He does all the time. Not a bad Idea.

I have been in an anti-Microsoft mood for a while now. Reading about Linux and mySQL and trying to get Linux to work on an ancient P90 machine with 256 Megs of ram. No luck. You really have to be a tech weenie to get it to work with old crap. Especially if you can't boot from a CDrom drive. One thing about Windows - it runs on all my junk. Albiet slowely.

I have been experimenting with online, webbased applications and opensource software. Hard to beat free software that is updated regularly. Check out the price of the new Vista or MS office apps then Check out Open Office, mySQl, Gmail, and Remember the Milk.

I am in code mode right now. Fixing some bugs in an old program. It's a program for recovery houses that we used to sell from a company called Designed Databases. My partner died about a year ago and I am winding down the company. But I still want to help the people who helped us when we were getting started so I still support them. Gratis. I am thinking of starting another company with a web based product but it's a lot of work and can't be done with out a sales team. I need someone with a feel for the Recovery Industry and who likes to schmooz. A bit of techinical knowlege about windows, networks.

Or I could just grow potatoes.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lunch with the Boys

I had lunch today with a bunch of the guys from work. There all looking older. I don't quite know what to make of it. Anyway it was great to see them all again. I miss seeing them on a daily basis. Trying to talk them into coming up to Xanadu for a serenity trial. I think some of them are going to give it a try.

Picked up my daughter Treena in the west end. Driving in traffic- like driving a bike, only faster and theres thousands of them and there all in a hurry. Xena couldn't believe how many new potential dear friends there were.

Tonight is take out from the Memphis Blues ( we just call it the house of Meat ) and a bit of a Christmas celebration with the kids. I've always wanted to try the "Priscilla" but I think you need a rugby team to do justice to it.

So before supper I had better go for a little walk and try and get some of the great lunch we had to disappear.