Fired Up

The skidsteer that is. It was down for the count the other day. No move on one side. Tom thought it was ice in the right hand chain drive channel. The left one would steer but not the right. So I wrapped the whole shebang in a canvas tarp and then a large poly one, put a 1500 watt heater inside, charged the battery and plugged in the block heater. Lo and behold after we drained and changed the chain oil it moved. Yippee. Sure makes keeping the yard clean a lot easier. Got some chains coming for it so I will be able to keep the driveway clear and maybe beat a path to Grandmas. I have to get a path up there for the upcoming skidoo poker ride.

Got a cool tool for Christmas from the kids. It's called a FuBar.

It seems that theres not much innovation in hammers these days because all the carpenters use nail guns. But the Stanley company caught some carpenters swearing about twisting some 2X4's and the FuBar was born. It's really quite the deal. Don't think it lives up to the original meaning of "Fubar". I can't wait to try it out on all that dried fir on the old sheds that I am tearing down. After I get a path to the storage barn.

O.K. now for the rant. I haven't quite exhausted toilet paper. Like what a rip. Check out the hole size on these two rolls.

One of them proclaiming to be " lots more on the roll". Yah right. Don't make me start measuring. I bet no one does so that's how they get away with it. Just spend the money on advertising. Not making the product more useful or more for our money.

I think it's symptomatic of our consumer age. There I've said it. One third or more of the time we spend watching T.V. is devoted to getting us to buy more crap. The major way they get us is via the magic of T.V. getting us to suspend belief. T.V. as a weapon of mass distraction. Read a thought provoking book called in praise of slow. About how our world is moving so fast basically because we have too many useless choices. Do we really need 300 kinds of toothpaste. Are the advertisers pandering to our wants or have they got us pandering to theirs? Oh I know, they have an off button. Somewhere. I guess.

My kid's were worried I was going to move to a cabin in the woods and write my manifesto. They might be right.

Or I could just grow root vegtables.


Viki said…
So, I compare tp packages--how many sheets per roll, what is the ply measurement, and what size is each sheet. Then I pick the biggest! probably suckered all the way, but I feel so smart.
Endako Jo said…
Now don't laff, but a few years ago I went on a fact finding mission. Went to the store, wrote down all the info about all the different TPs (kinda like Viki does), put the data into a spreadsheet and determined which was the best "deal". Can't remember what the findings were, but basically there wasn't too much difference. I now go for whatever is softest on my tushy.

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