Out and About

Our neighbor, Walter Read, came up last night with a four wheel drive tractor and dunged out the driveway. Easy Peezee. So we got to go to the Endako Hall meeting and yesterday went to town for lunch and toilet paper. In case of emergencys we like to keep a months supply of food and fuel. Now we've added toilet paper to the list. Got me to wondering who invented toilet paper. What a great scam. But better than the alternatives so far. Talk about an invention that hasn't changed in a long time. I mean they've consumered it to death with pillows and what ever the add agencies can come up with, but really perforated paper on a roll.
What a concept.

I just caught the Mizzes combing her hair with a metal spoon. Apparently this is not strange behavior but helps relieve the head demons. Static Electricity. She won't follow my suggestion and wrap her head in tin foil - which works for me. And the dog.

I guess I will turn on the humidifier.

I now get cell phone coverage at the place! We haven't been able to get cell phone at the compound since we moved here but apparently TELUS has put up a new tower in the area and Voila. No need to carry the Sat phone on my sojourns around the property. I had heard a rumour that Rogers was putting in a cell corridor along Highway 16 so maybe this was a pre-emptive strike in the communications war.

It's snowing like crazy now. Big fluffy flakes as it's warmed up to -15. Tomorrow I think I may fire up the skid steer.


carolb said…
Also, the tin foil keeps the aliens from reading your thoughts, so two birds, one stone on that one.
Anonymous said…
What no update? *tap*tap*tap* is this thing on?

I wanted to see the FUBAR in action!


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