Rocks in my Head

And the Library. We have a couple of tons of rocks we've collected over the years and really haven't taken them out of the boxes. Need some display space for them. So when we had to move the low shelf from the living room to make room for the Christmas tree the libray got a display case.

It has been unseasonly warm. Yesterday it go up to +12. Everythings melting. With dirt sticking out of the road in places. I don't know how long it will last but we sure don't use a lot of firewood. We haven't had the furnace going at night for the last four nights.

I have been dismanteling the steering column on my truck to replace the ignition. It has crapped out and either sticks with the steering wheel locked or turns and won't start. In order to get it off to put the replacement on I have to drill out two security bolts. So far I've managed to get one out. Today the saga continues.

My brother has a theory about why newer vehicles are so hard to work on. Apparently the car designer came home one day and found a mechanic makeing love to his wife...


Viki said…
Hey, I need rocks! My brother in law will construct his signature piece--rock faced fireplace. But your library has pretty little rocks in it!
Art said…
There was a great piece of green quartz at the Drumheller place I hope you got that.
Viki said…
Wish I had, but it got away in the move

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