Slip Sliding Away

It's the fourth of January.  I am at 54 ° North and its pouring rain.  During a let up I slipped out ( literally ) without my crampons to feed the fire in the green house.  The dogs were laughing at me.  They have built in ones - but they didn't look all that steady either..

The good news is that four arm loads of firewood in the upstairs heater will keep the house warm and cozy for a day.  Some one has been stealing our firewood lately because of the 16 stock piled cords at least three has disappeared.  We suspect some one has been burning it.

Got a bajillion projects on the go - some of them weather dependent.  I.E.  I don't like to work outside in the rain wearing crampons unless I really have to.

Hope your getting around OK.


Viki said…
never mind skis. Use skates!
Viki said…
use skates & a hockey stick
Be careful my friend. We don't bounce like we used to. OK I still do but that has more to do with extra weight than it does supple bones. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Unknown said…
Please be careful, it's a long way to the nearest ER if you fall!!
Art Blomquist said…
It's one step at a time for me!
Anonymous said…
Hi Art it looks like you could host the N.H.L. annual out door hockey game in your front yard. To be only down three cords in this weather is not bad I would think the 13 cords you have left will see the winter out Sodbuster.
Cathy said…
Maybe sliding around on your buns would save you from falling?

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