Which one of these things is different from the others:

That egg is goose size, and we cant seem to find a goose in the hen house.  Today I am going to see if I can locate a hen that is being very careful how she moves!

This is a very old wooden threshing machine that we donated to the local museum.  It was languishing  under a tin roof that was hung off an old rat crap infested shed.  It now has a lovely new home under a great roof. 

The roof became the outside pen area for the chucks and the old rat crap infested shed became the shell
for the all season green house

Now were looking at fixing up a hand hewn barn on the place that is in surprisingly good shape.

 I was getting it ready for some goats but that didn't happen.  Now were thinking of trying some Sheep.  We need a couple of good lawn mowers, and I can use some new wool socks.. the back of the barn will get a door cut in it so the pigs can get out of the weather.

If your out in the weather today hope your enjoying it.  It's the first time in a couple of weeks that we have fired up the furnace.  We got so used to the + temperatures, the -10's seem cold..


Love that barn Art ! What a great writers studio it would make for me. And how about those pigs? I thought you just had a couple. o proud of you
Art Blomquist said…
#Donna: your the second person who wants to turn my barn into a studio. It really is nice inside. Pictures later. Re: Piggies. Old photo, we only have two now: a boar and a female. Hopefully in a month or two we just may have more! Would sure like some of those Red Wattles but can't seem to find any here abouts. Last spring weaners were going for $85!

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