Feeling a little Sheepish

Day 10 of project sheep.  Or Sleepless in Endako.   Life with a couple of bummer lambs.

 Strange term - just means they were rejected by their moms, for what ever reason, lack of milk etc. When we got them they were less than 12 hours old.  We made it past the every two hour feed for the first  frantic 24 hours and are now into the luxurious every 6 hour feed.

It really wasn't too bad as I was up every four hours anyway to feed the fires during the -30 -40 week.  Thankfully that's passed.

We have Babba and Louie residing in a large dog carrier filled with sweet hay, when there not out galavanting across the kitchen fields.  Well the carrier starts out that way.. Feed and pee.  Pee and feed.  Ah well, the kitchen floor is due for replacement anyway.

They really are the cutest darn things.

They are following Jo around like puppy dogs.  Xena and the Cats seem to get along with the curious bounders.  Cleo not so much.  She gets upset with them at times. I can't wait for them to help out with the lawn mowing chores.  They'll have about 10 acres of that.

Had a weird weather phenomenon a day ago.  It was snowing like mad with a fierce wind through the night and when we woke up we noticed the fields all covered with wind blown snowballs.

  I have never see this before.  I assume it was the wind and not snow elves.

Xena seems to be wondering who was making all the mess too.

Looks like this morning's  blizzard has died down for now,  but I can see another one building over Josephs Mountain. I will be plowing tomorrow.  Right now it's just about time for the mid day nap.

Hope your having a restful weekend.


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