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I've Got Something On My Mind.

If I could only remember what it was!  The Rhode Island Reds are coming along wonderfully.  Just about all feathered out.  Hopefully they will be able to go outside soon.  On a warm day we've opened the door but they only venture out about a foot and then back into the hen house.

 It will be a permanent fence, five barbed wires and three electric lines.  On both sides of the fence.  We have to keep bears and coyotes out as well as pigs in.  Brother Tom's skid-steer has a drilling attachment which makes putting the posts in pretty fast.  A four inch hole and a little bonk on the head ( of the Post..) and voila a fence line.  This one is spaced 10' apart.  Needs to be strong. Bear strong.  Fortunatly I have several unused, and un useful, fence lines that we can salvage wire and fence posts from.  Just wrap a length of chain around the base of a post, attache the other to a chain hook welded on the bucket and zippity do da,  a couple of hundred feet of fence line comes up.  …

Some Thing Is Bugging Me

We managed to get most of the garden planted yesterday before the rain started.  Hopefully it will clear up today as I have an unending list of outside projects to do.

The bugs are back.  While we were fiddling in the garden they descended in hoards.  Jo-Ann finally had to resort to the protection of a bug suit.  She went buggy.

Warning:  Rant Ahead
Mind you I've gone buggy.  Facebook has finally broken the last straw.  Applications that I cannot stop popping up.  Just Rude.  Makes me wonder what the whole purpose is.  An illusion of being in contact with "friends".  I really don't find Farmville or any of the apps anything more than time wasters.  Diversions?  Diversions from what? I tried to get rid of my Facebook account by using some online applications to do it.  Of course FB has a cease and desist order against them... That's enough.  How is it we've managed to sell our data, the digital representation of us, so cheaply.  These online companies, and blogge…