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Hold Your Water

Back on the barn rebuild project.  Adding water and a conduit for power. Not having to lug water or use a flashlight makes a world of difference to a barn. Especially when it's forty below!  Being able to heat the stalls should make an easier time for winter arrivals.  It was some of the hardest digging we've done on the place - six feet down, the bottom three feet rock hard compacted clay.  I am seriously thinking of making my own bricks! Tough digging even with a mini excavator. 
Water in the Barn!

My friend Dan from the Coast came up for a vacation.  Some vacation!  He jumped into the project list and we've made some great progress.

While we were backfilling ditches we came across some treasures: a couple of four foot steel wheels!  They are now gracing the house gate. We added two remnants of an earlier era on the farm. They are the back end of  sickle mowers, the wooden parts and blades long gone, yet the wheels still turn.  Sturdy cast iron construction, one of the m…

Grandma gets a Make Over

We have a second house on the property.  We call it Grandma's in honor of a grandmother who made it her home before we arrived.

It hasn't been occupied for about nine years, near as we can tell. We've been looking for the right tenant that would trade housing for some occasional babysitting when we decide to go rock hunting.  It's a nice little place but needed a bit of work.  New roofs on the porch's, refurbish all the water runs, cracked after some very cold winters. Had a tenant lined up but that fell through, but were still refurbishing it as energy and money allows.  Quite nice inside if you like late 70's decor.  That will change, with new flooring, carpet and some updated paint and siding stain.  The front veranda, with its sweeping view of the valley panorama below is one of the best views on the property. We've spent a couple  of nice evenings, sitting there, sipping
coffee and admiring the full moon. not to mention a few coffee breaks with the su…