Hold Your Water

Back on the barn rebuild project.  Adding water and a conduit for power. Not having to lug water or use a flashlight makes a world of difference to a barn. Especially when it's forty below!  Being able to heat the stalls should make an easier time for winter arrivals.  It was some of the hardest digging we've done on the place - six feet down, the bottom three feet rock hard compacted clay.  I am seriously thinking of making my own bricks!
Tough digging even with a mini excavator. 

Water in the Barn!

My friend Dan from the Coast came up for a vacation.  Some vacation!  He jumped into the project list and we've made some great progress.

Hurley, the Pyrenees giving instructions to brother tom and Dan.

Dan filling the Piggy Pool
While we were backfilling ditches we came across some treasures: a couple of four foot steel wheels!  They are now gracing the house gate. We added two remnants of an earlier era on the farm. They are the back end of  sickle mowers, the wooden parts and blades long gone, yet the wheels still turn.  Sturdy cast iron construction, one of the mowers a John Deere.

Of course, the real yard Boss showed up to check out the placement of some found treasures.

We took a day off and went exploring for Tetzalto Mountain.  I spotted it years ago on Google Maps and we finally made it over 75 kilometers of logging road.  Some of them active, some barely discernable.  An astonishing lump of volcanic rock. Reminiscent of Ayers Rock in Australia.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately)  the only way to get a perfect view is by hiking or using a kayak on Babine Lake.
The best view we could get without strapping on the hiking boots

It would be a pretty tough climb!

We stopped at an old barge landing on Babine Lake and Dan, like a duck to water, couldn't resist trying it out.
going to miss these warm summer days!

Pigs will root.  They have managed to root a berm up against the fence line Shorting out the bottom electric wire.
Pssst, buddy, pass us the keys..

Lucy, trying to tunnel into the pen
Hope you find some treasures in your life this week!


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