Snow Bound

What a surprise. We drove home from the Coast and our driveway down at Savory road only had about two inches of snow. Different story at the top where the road comes out of the trees and into the open meadow. The snow had drifted over the road so bad we barely made it. The next morning it was impassable. The fellow with the snow plow came by and managed to clear away the bottom part but couldn't clear the top part. The drifts were six feet high in places. So here we sit waiting for YRB to drop by with the road grader. Failing that I can work away for a day or so with the skid steer and get us out of here. Not that were in a big hurry to get anywhere. It's twenty below today and another foot of snow has fallen.

I have been looking at getting another computer. When I tell people the machines I work on they tend to laugh. Well there was a time when an 800 MHZ machine was a big deal. And 500 Megs of ram was over the top. Now I am looking for a cheap 1.2 mhz machine with a gig of ram. Not anything like top of the line now. But really good enough for what I am doing. I was looking at stuff down at the Coast but will probably have to order something on line now. My Son in Law Kevin's brother, Darren was over for supper when we were down and suggested building my own. He does all the time. Not a bad Idea.

I have been in an anti-Microsoft mood for a while now. Reading about Linux and mySQL and trying to get Linux to work on an ancient P90 machine with 256 Megs of ram. No luck. You really have to be a tech weenie to get it to work with old crap. Especially if you can't boot from a CDrom drive. One thing about Windows - it runs on all my junk. Albiet slowely.

I have been experimenting with online, webbased applications and opensource software. Hard to beat free software that is updated regularly. Check out the price of the new Vista or MS office apps then Check out Open Office, mySQl, Gmail, and Remember the Milk.

I am in code mode right now. Fixing some bugs in an old program. It's a program for recovery houses that we used to sell from a company called Designed Databases. My partner died about a year ago and I am winding down the company. But I still want to help the people who helped us when we were getting started so I still support them. Gratis. I am thinking of starting another company with a web based product but it's a lot of work and can't be done with out a sales team. I need someone with a feel for the Recovery Industry and who likes to schmooz. A bit of techinical knowlege about windows, networks.

Or I could just grow potatoes.


Kaj Kandler said…
Hi Art,
great pictures and "go with the flow when you are stuck behind snow".

You computer gear is really a bit out of date. Although I still run Linux (SuSE) on ThinkPad CD 760, a Pentium 90 MHz with 40 MB. My server is a Pentium II with 450 MHz and 385 MByts. So you are already better than me.

The CD Boot is a bummer. Try to get some friend to make you a boot disk for Ubuntu and enjoy the ease of use for this one. I guess it will support most of your hardware and it also discovers most of it automatically.

If you are ever looking for help, stop by at my support site, Plan-B for Don't hesitate my videos run even over dial up, but a screen resolution of 1024x768 is best for viewing.


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