Pipe Dreams

I know, I've heard it before, bet you have too.  Water runs downhill.  So last year when we cleaned out the yard cattle guard and put in a draining culvert I could have been a bit more particular about the grades of the pipes.  Alas.  The ditch under the cattle guard was four feet deep and by this spring had filled up with sand it had stolen from the driveways.  That gave the grass something to grow on and the cattle illusion of falling into a deep dark hole was no longer evident as a few of the more acrobatic Cows and calves made their way across to the obviously green grass of the yard.  Usually at four in the morning, and of course they noisily want to bellow their great achievement and encourage their more timid com-padres.

Fortunately with an excavator nearby, and brother Tom as operator, we managed to dig it all out, put in a new sixty foot drainage culvert, properly sloped.

I was working in a stupor as a result of picking up a nasty bug on a Dash 8 flight to Victoria.  Both Jo-Ann and I were down at the same time.  A week later and breathing is almost normal.  Energy, wavering somewhere above lethargic.

I built an automatic feeder for the pigs.  A couple of them behave, well, just like pigs.  I will have to put some bars on it to keep them from "hogging" the whole thing.

I built it high enough for adult pigs so I made a platform out of a salvage solid core door so the little ones could get to it easier.  Power tools and pigs just don't mix.

A friend of ours dropped by for a visit with a couple of very nice kids.  Courtney was very helpful with Xena, who has some neck injuries from a fight, we suspect, with Cleo.  Xena just snuggled up to Courtney and let her sooth her aches.  Nathan, the blue lump, graciously gave up half his foamy.

She's well back on the mend after a visit to the vet's and a regimen of  muscle relaxants and anti-biotics.  And Ice-cream.  First time the dogs have ever had a fight so I don't know what that was all about and we're keeping a close eye on the situation.

Nine year old Nathan got the thrill of a life digging with the excavator.  His eyes were as big as saucers!  Instructor, brother Tom, is just out of Camera range.  Ah the stuff dreams are made of!

Hope your making a few yourself!


I make soap...you move mountains. All in a days work. Coolest pic ever of boy driving mega machine. !0 minutes after we were married Keith had my then 11 year old son driving the tractor. I was freaked, the son went on to bigger and better things like riding in helicoptors over huge oceans while in the Navy. Little men need BIG men
Denise E said…
Good picture of the dogs looking over the valley.

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