I can quit anytime I want..

Just got the highspeed connection and it's been down for the last couple of days. The techie types aren't sure why it's happening. I always worry when a techie says something like " Gosh, I've never seen anything like that before..." 'cuz when I use that line it means that code I gnashed together late last night wasn't really as robust as it could have been.

We're getting prepared for a trip to the coast. 12 hours - and that's just stopping for a coffe to go, and leaving the last coffee to go. Looks like the weather down there is being a bit snowy. We have a local kid come and feed the hired help and the neighbors drop in to check on the state of the bunker.

Gotta remember to pick up a salt lick in Vanderhoof for Mabel the moose..


Viki said…
For gawd's sake make sure your wheels are secure, and watch those corners and hills! Don't forget your blankie, snow shovel, tire chains, fire extinguisher, hmmmm what else does one need on a northern trip. . .
Daughter One said…
...a wing and a prayer (with a side of pepperoni)

See ya when you get here Dad. I'll be ready for ya - hot stew, cold pop and warm hugs!
Viki said…
Hey, just ordered the new KA band satellite system here. I've endured the magtech system long enough, and it's getting worse daily. So, dropped into my old employer's and signed up for Xplornet. They'll be here Wed. to install. yippee

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