If you can't stand the heat...

All winter we've been keeping the place heated with an electric furnace and an air tight fireplace upstairs. The fireplace is nice after supper when were watching the tube. Homey. But the Electric fireplace, while handy, when the wood fires go out is expensive. We figure about $150 bucks a month to keep the place warm. Today a my friend Ed came over and checked out the Big RSF wood furnace and the chimney in the basement and proclaimed them ready to go. So around 1pm we filled it up with a half a cord of wood and lit 'er up. It's now 10:00 pm and it -5 outside. I know cause I've been out on the veranda cooling off. Jo-Ann is in a tank top and shorts, no socks. We've had the doors open and the temperature is falling to 24 degrees - that's inside. Jeez, I don't know who the guy was who said log homes were hard to heat -- but he was never in this one! Any way it's kind of neat. Something nice about wood heat.


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