One Man's Garbage..

Cool. I was tooling around in one of our sheds. The one that
is going to be my workshop and lo and behold tucked under a stack of Watch towers, and old Penthouse magazines ( now there's a juxtaposition..) I found this neat old oil heater. A thing of beauty. I think the Triangle sheet metal Logo is pretty great. Some people don't get it tho. A friend of mine dropped over and I showed it to him. His reply: " does it work?" just shows me that one man's treasure is someone elses garbage. It's been snowing all day. Quiet and peaceful.
And the temperature inside, a balmy 20. Didn't fill the RSF quite so full. It was still warm when we got out of bed this morning.


Anonymous said…
if you do not want to use for heat Jo could use as a planter, full of crawling vines.

Viki said…
Welcome to the wonderful world of public private lives in blogging. hahaha! Who said life was dull in dullsville!
Della said…
I too love the triangle! Of course it works, it does what you need it to even if it doesn't do what it was intended for.
Hi guys looks like lots of snow. better you than us.


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