The Hired Help

So have you ever had one of those days when the code is all written in some ancient Sanskrit and you have to call in an expert. Chickie does help out a lot. Her specialty is holding down any loose papers on my desk. Particularly if its a peice of paper I'm working with. But she does work for snacks. And does tricks for them. Shake a paw, High Five, Sit up and Head bonk. Jo is trying to get her to answer the phone. Posted by Picasa


Errol said…
haha your awesome
Grant said…
Looks like you're way too comfortable. You must be a pretty good trainer. I always thought that cat's were to aloof (or is that stupid??) to be trained; even as a paperweight, unless there was food attached.

bobcx7 said…
Now this is the ART I remember, staring at a screen.

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