Doggie Spa

Just back from a trip to the Coast to see my granddaughters.  It was a blistering hot 24C down there, snowing here.  Just a little reminder.  I brought my eldest daughter's family dog back for a vacation.  She hasn't been here for over a year but she started to get very excited when we passed the squirrel tree.
When she was here last we didn't have free range chickens or Shogs ( Sheep who think they are dogs) running around the place.  And a Pyrenees and puppies.  Time for some pack bonding.

The dandelions are just out.  Another sign that planting time is upon us.  Apparently the Morels should be out too, but I haven't noticed any.

Looks like rain this afternoon so were going to try and get part of the garden planted.  The May long weekend is traditional for planting around here.  We'll still get some frost, but it shouldn't be the killing kind.

Also working on the Barn upgrade and need to harrow the fields.  Jeez I better go I don't have time to Blog..


Art, you look like a professional dog walker, like the kind they have in NY. Too bad you can't get paid for your hard work...well in heaven the dogs will pay you back well I'm sure,
Art Blomquist said…
@Donna, The dogs make a great contribution right here on earth!
Art Blomquist said…
interesting that with 240 acres of land to play on, and spending the whole day able to run around of leash, it's still a thrill for them to go for a walk!
Daughter One said…
Mahalo Ampa.
Art Blomquist said…
@Daughter One!

Hope your having a relaxing time!

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