Back Home

Had a bunch of company over the last week. A couple of sisters and husbands, my daughter Sara and her husband Kevin and my daughter Treena. We left the "kids" alone with Xena for a couple of hours while we went to town. They took her for a walk up to the pond where she demonstrated how good mud is for the complexion. Kevin decided to hose her off when they got back to the house. I don't know where that hose is going but Xena sure looks impressed!

What a blast we had. One of our adventures was a 60 kilometere bushwack on ATV's. What an adventure. We found a route to a local lake that I can get to from my back pastures.I even discovered that my Dog Xena likes to go for ATV rides.I finished painting the sides of the house with by brothers Tom's help and am now working on the safety system and pressure washing and acid etching the roof in preperation for painting. I am running out of "Safe" days to paint as it needs to be above 13 degrees for three days. It's been freezing down in the valley but staying abover 9 or 10 at night up here. Of course during the day it is hot.


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