You Know It's Cold When.

You wake up to find five cats and a dog snuggled up in your bed.  Must be the down comforter..

The hairs inside your nose freeze up.

Smoke from the fires goes straight up.

The dogs are not real interested in going outside to chase rabbits.

I'm blinded  by frost on my glasses the moment I step inside the house

The cliffs to the East.

Needless to say, it's been getting pretty cold around here.  It hit -30 this morning which means I have four fires to feed.

 It's like watching the wood pile melt.  Hopefully it's supposed to warm up to -single digits next week so that will help.

A large part of the daily chores is just walking from building to building keeping the fires burning so the water lines don't freeze up.

Where's that Global warming.  Bring it on..

In the meantime I was glad to get all the snow pushed back, when (if) it does melt I want the water in the ditches - not the road. But that has to be the optimist in me talking!

Hope you and yours are wintering well!


Ah good. You're alive then. Cold but alive. If I see black smoke drifting towards Illinois then I'll know you've resorted to burning your tire garden. Move into the greenhouse first OK ?
Yeoman said…
Seems like winter just won't let go this year.
Art Blomquist said…
Donna, alive and busy feeding the fires! Pics to follow.

yeoman: Fortunately it's a lot warmer than the yo's, but it is definatly taxing the woodpile.

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