Soft Water, Softer Lambs

After almost seven years of putting up with rusty looking bathroom fixtures, a fridge full of Brita Filtered water, using half a bottle of shampoo to wash our hair we now have wonderfully soft, iron free water.  What a thrill.  Drinking glass after glass of sweet, refreshing water straight from the tap.

Our water comes from a surface well a couple of hundred feet higher and a quarter mile away from our house.  It had a very high Iron, Manganese and Calcium content.  Hard water that stained everything.

A relative gifted us his slightly used water softener and we installed it behind a heavy duty iron remover and whole house filter.  16 valves, over a hundred PEX rings, a box of connectors,  elbows, air injector , pressure regulator, over pressure valve  later and we have wonderfully clear water.  No staining.  Tea straight from the tap.

Next is to replace all the traditional copper lines in the house with single run PEX tubing from a manifold system.  All part of the Plan to install a Solar domestic Hot Water augmentation system and subfloor supplemental heating.

Since the four week old lambs are now jumping higher than the kitchen table and have taken to chowing down on any paper or plastic laying about it was time to move them out to the Animal shed.

We just constructed a six by six pen with the scroungers secret weapon: used pallets.  The cabinet holds egg cartons

 A thick bed of straw on a wood floor and every ones snug a bug.

 The pigs are very curious and when we let the lambs out to romp around the barn the pigs stick their noses through the gate to get some kisses.

When their not lounging about.

 The chickens peek through their hen house giving the newcomers a sideways glance.  The lambs will stay in the Animal shed and environs for a month awaiting new quarters in the log barn.  I've got to install water and electricity there and won't get that done until the snow melts.

Just when winter had us lulled into a state of " Spring is just about here!" the temperatures have dropped, hitting -21 in Fraser Lake this morning.  Sunny weather tho so it's really quite pleasant.  One fire a day is keeping the green house nice and cozy.

Boose seems to like the family all being together working in the shed.

It's a group thing!


Anonymous said…
Hi Art your latest blog has brought to mind one of the things we take for granted,having lived in the lower mainland for the last 46 years we have enjoyed what must be among one of the best water supply's in the world it's right up there with Glasgow's tap water.Not that I drank much tap water when I lived in Glasgow Sodbuster.

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