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Spring Has Sprung

It really is nice to see more brown than white.  Most of the fields have melted away and we are into the mud season.  Although that seems to be passing fairly fast.  Some judicious hoe work and the yard is starting to dry nicely.  And once again I decide to put 140 cubic yards of gravel on the yard roundabouts.  The trick will be getting about 600 feet of geotextile to keep it all from sinking into the morass.

We've spread a lot of gravel, ditched, and culverted the main drive and it is miraculously dry.  A far cry from being the local legend that it was.  One of the first conversations starters was " so how's your driveway?"  Now the reply is " Just fine - but you will want to avoid the part past the top gate if you don't have a four wheel drive vehicle."

We happened across the deal of deals in farm machinery.  For health reasons A neighbour has decided to move from Zone 2 to a more comfortable zone 4 and live in an apartment.  We were over at their place purchasing a chicken plucker when they asked if we knew anyone that would want a tractor, and they would throw in a square baler and a disker.

 Gee, hmm, let me think.. The price was unbelievably low, i.e. in our budget so today I put the recharged12 volt batteries in and bring it home.  Excitement at a feverish pitch.  It's a John Deere 3010 diesel with a front end loader and three point hitch.  Hopefully an erstwhile replacement for a lot of the work I was doing with the failing skidsteer.  Now I'm in the market for a hay cutter and rake.

We've been looking for a Guardian dog companion for Xena now that Cleo has found a new home.  I could spend a whole post on the Nigerian Doggie Scam which played out for a week before the picture started to clarify.  Great Pyrenees with papers for free, only pay the shipping costs a paltry 150 bucks per animal.  Well if it sounds to good to be true..  They were from Angus Macdonald on Victoria Island.. and the story goes on..We were thinking he made a mistake and they were from Vancouver Island, or even Canada's Victoria Island - In which case 150 bucks shipping didn't make sense.  Hmm.  A little google search and Voila - if it sounds to good to be true it probably is: Puppy Scams
Snow, and puppy one of two.

Long story short we found some one who had a Pyrenees puppy who wanted to give it away.  Then we were offered another puppy and the pure bred Mom.  So you can guess the rest.  We now have a guardian herd.  Xena loves the puppies and now her and Snow are chasing birds together.  The poor doggies were infested with worms but the de- wormer seems to have done the deed.  They are ravenous, especially the Mom, Snow.  Off to the vet on Thursday to have them checked over and get their shots.

Now that the snow has mostly gone I've started some spinach and lettuce in the tire garden.  The green house stuff is starting to bolt.

Signed up for an Organic gardening course in May.  Looking forward to that.

Hope your looking forward to your day.


Oh how we love our GP here on the farm. Plan to breed her this spring to have a spare and then sell the rest. No papers no scam. looks like the pus and mom have found a wonderful home. nice job
Denise E said…
With the snow melting it will be easier to keep your dog pack in your sights. The tractor is a score x 2. Hope it gives you many hours of reliable running time.

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