A Little Off The Top

Spent a couple of days, between rain showers, clearing all the brush out at the Savory Road entrance.  High winds had brought a poplar down across the gate.  It hit the high tension line feeding the property but fortunately the line stayed up. Not so the fence line it fell across.  As I was cleaning up the residue I noticed that there were another six in danger of falling.

Falling poplar around here is a dangerous occupation.  They tend to rot out and break off about ten feet or so up the trunk.  Of course one of the six I fell went right the wrong way and fell  over the power line.  Fortunately only the very tip.  There was an anxious few seconds tho as the line whipped up and down - with Jo-Ann standing right under the line about a 100 feet away.

After cleaning up the remnants I decided to weed whack all the brush that was surrounding the trees. A logger friend of mine loaned me a swing saw, a weed whacker on steroids. It slices through 1 inch saplings like a hot ( albeit, noisy) knife through butter.
Jo-Ann says I have a passion for things on a stick...I don't know what she means.

It looks like a park now.
Savory road bends left, our driveway to the right.

Some skid steer work to level the lumps, sow some grass, maybe add a bench, some flowers in tires...
The whole area around the trees was overgrown with six foot saplings.  The fence wasn't even visible.

Off course it led me to think that a couple of low retaining walls and a few hundred feet of board fences would enhance the entrance.  Now what do I have that could form retaining walls with out costing a fortune.  There's a reason I live the Re-Tired Life.  More to follow.

It's now time to get back to the Barn upgrade, and painting the horse trailer.

But today it's time to trailer in another ton of Oats and Barley. Those pigs eat like, well, pigs!

Hope your week is a brush with happiness.


Denise said…
Well Art, for your retaining wall I'm sure you have a few rocks kicking around. Start collecting and before you know it a pile to work with.

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