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How Much Wood Can a Wood Chuck Chuck

Yep it's that time of year again.  We've even left if a bit late in the season.  The Barn project and a trip to the Coast and Okanagan valley put us a few weeks behind.  But were on it now.  We met an orchardist in Summerland who is willing to trade apples for pork.  The trip was made possible because some wonderful friends of ours came and farm set for the week we were away.

 A great deal but I will need some cold storage for a couple of tons of apples. Maybe this year but I doubt it.  So many projects, so few strapping sons!

  Those boxes are full of apples.  He sells directly to the public for 50 ¢  / lb. And gets a whole lot less for anything that goes to the processing plant.  I don't think the pigs will mind damaged or windfall fruit.

I am pretty sure this one was snuck into a packing box by an Auntie who will go un named.  But you know who you are - and I don't remember paying for this one!  Is that the reason your the only person the orchardist knows who can get 30 lbs of apples in a twenty pound box?

 Fortunately,  Jo-Ann remembers where all the controls are on the skid steer are and was soon swinging logs like, well, a logger!

We cut up a pile of ceder siding for kindling.  Nothing better to start a fire.

We have a bunch of trees blown down by the wind this year. The trees are drying out and we had some 75mph gusts a week ago.

 A sign that the beetle killed pine is reaching the end of it's usefulness.  The trees are starting to crack which can make cutting them somewhat precarious.  Maybe next year I will fall the whole ten acres and just pile them up for cutting as we need them.

Absolutely wonderful weather for it.  Once the morning fog lifts it is a glorious day. 

 We still have wood left over from last year so this falls efforts won't have to be quite so much.  Another eight cords of wood and we'll be all snuggly for the winter.  I have a remodeled barn but don't know if I'll have to heat it as its a log barn that has had a foot of insulation added to the inside.
The four foot wall is made of solid house building "D" logs.  Think four by six's with a natural side.  Pig strong.  But this project is on hold while we get the wood and garden in.  We still have some zucchini and turnips and carrots to bring in. 

Ah well, we've got the supper soup on so time to make a little firewood.  Hope your enjoying a great fall.


Denise E said…
Wow.. lucky you're young. Work like that can disable an older fella. Thank goodness you are conditioning yourself for old age to come on gently. Your shop floor would have made a sturdy roof for a root cellar

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