I'm Back!

Haven't been posting anything for a while.  A combination of moving to different technology - tablets and hand helds  and having my Laptop getting a keyboard replaced.  All nice and spiffy now. But the spell check is not working in Blogger so that should make it interesting.

Been wondering about the whole farming thing.  Attending a lot of of courses and reading the farmers messiah, Joel Salatin.  He's been an amazing inspiration.  Here's our new chicken tractor based on his design.  This one has adjustable trailer wheels cuz I was too lazy to build his simple lift and puller.  I will do that when I build some more tractors.  This one comes with a built in spilt feed cleaner!
    As you might be able to tell.  This lot's about ready for some processing.  I am getting an urge for baked chicken!  Had a couple of roosters fall prey to what I think was a fox.  Last night all the dogs and I slept out on the veranda to keep a watch.  Well, I tried to sleep.  The Doggies serenaded me all night long!  But no casualties.  I'm hoping that fox learned his lesson!  

Back later with more.  But right now theres five weiners that are squealing for apples!


Phoebe said…
Glad to see you're back! Looking forward to more stories and updates from the Hill :)
ismi Poppy said…
what the heck is a weiner?
nice pics of yr place
Glad you are back Art. Sorry I did not check in sooner. keep blogging I love seeing how you farm in the tough conditions you have there. Joel has it EASY compared to you!
Art Blomquist said…
A weiner is a young pig.thanks for dropping by.
Mary Ann said…
Great Pictures and Posts...As we live in Texas...Beautiful snow farm pics...We do not ever see that except in pics ....Houston Tx shuts down when we get ice, Bad weather or too much rain..let alone snow... Growing uo we were around Pigs/Hogs and I sure miss them...Great job....Stay warm and keep stories coming :)
Art Blomquist said…
ismi Poppy, a weaner is a young pig around six weeks when they are ready to be weaned.

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