We've Sprung a Leak

The snow is melting like, well, snow in spring time.  The top of the tire garden is starting to show through the snow.  Those are three logging truck tires on top of each other filled with soil.  So still a bit of snow to go before I have to weed whack the grass.  I will plant some spinach and spring onions before the snow is all gone.  I will put some plastic over the tires to speed up the process.  It's going to be a late spring.

Melt water has turned road ruts into impromptu ditches. Fortunately all the water here is diverted onto our Southern fields.

Attempting to get to the wood pile.  Not gong to happen until the road gets a bit more solid.  Like in a couple of weeks.  The piggies are partly to blame.  This part of the road is South facing and the snow melted off it first leaving bare ground.  Ideal for rootevators who have just walked on the snow over the fences!

 Four sows in stalls, three of which decided to have their babies within a couple of days of each other.  Two of which had them on the same morning!  30 so far.  Two more will be coming into the farrowing stalls within a couple of weeks or so.  Space is limited so these guys will have to grow fast!

They do like to take advantage of the late afternoon sun.  Lots of things to dream about!

Hope your having a great week, you have lots of things to dream about and the spring run off isn't damaging your roads!


Treena Blomquist said…
So cute! So yummy...here piggy piggy! Thanks for the care package, we’ve had some great meals!
Treena B

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