A bit of a Lift

Honest, the roads fine. As long as you stay on it. If your a lowbed semitraier hauling a 17 ton man lift it's best to stay on the road. 'Cuz if you don't it is going to be an all day job digging you out. If your fortunate to have a hoe on the property. We had to take the man lift off of the semi trailor then drag it out to the road and then pull the tractor out. Pull the Man lift past the tractor ( it's only two wheel drive ) and then hook it all back together and back it a kilometre down the drive way to freedom.

Then we used the hoe to drag the manlift up the road and position it so I can start working on replacing the metal shingles.

While I am doing that I am going to change the 1/2 inch insulation ( actually I think it's just white styrofoam) with 1 1/2 inch Pink building insulation foam. It's the West weather wall so every little bit will help.

And I had help of course. Xena "the HOLMSTER" the wonderdog..


Carol Browne said…
Wow! Look at Xena! She's brave for sure. She's not afraid of anything, is she?
Art said…
Only that she might be left out of some fun activity. Actually this was just a short try out on the man lift. After this she was relegated to the role of ground based supervisor...

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