Company's Coming

My daughter Sara and here husband Kevin came up from the Coast for a couple of days of R & R. If you count cutting up a cord of wood R & R.. We are checking out the carrots in the tire garden. Actually they have managed to form baby carrots. I wonder what would happen if I left them till spring. I suspect they won't last through the -30c tempertures tho..

Xena the wonder dog loves Kevin. It was Kevin that taught her the " food on the nose trick" Here she is snuggled up. She still thinks that she is a lap dog.
Sara likes to bring me "weird" items from the oriental food markets. Not a lot of choice up here. She replenished my hot sauce supply and brought these " chicken snacks". Actually they were not bad. Crunchy!


Carol Browne said…
Someone was eating dried fish snacks on the bus the other day and it really stank the place up. I'm fairly certain it was a treat from the T&T Supermarket. Have you tried dried up old fish yet? BLECH! Your garden is looking good!
Art said…
I went on a backpacking camping trip years ago. I wanted to be ultra light weight so my main meal was Ichiban noodles to which I added small dried fish for protein. Once. After that I fed it to the birds..

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