How Much Wood?...

Well in our case, about six cords. My friend Barb (Bubba) Started to stack the outside wall that will keep the snow off of the pile that will go inside. We're starting to get the winters wood in before the snow flies. Which usually is the end of October. With the help of the skid steer loader and all the dried standing bug killed pine it should only take us a couple of days.

We have been building running/snowshoeing trails around the perimeter fence lines. This run is on the West fence line. We've chainsawed all the bigger saplings, followed up with several runs with pruners, and the next job will be to take a swing saw down and clear all the brambles and saskatoon bushes for a couple of feet on either side of the trail. This part of the trail is called "Butt Cruncher Hill", a name coined by R.T. in Prince Rupert for a great hill just in front of his ocean view. What looks like the top isn't. It's still about a half a click away.

The Aspen is starting to change to yellow. A week behind the underbrush. Here's a "Bev Doolittle" type of pic taken by Rockey, our visiting Ansel Adams.

Hope you are having a day that is full of wonder, and a sound sleep tonight.


Rich said…
"...take a swing saw down and clear all the brambles..."

I've always got brush to clear, but what the heck is a swing saw?
Art Blomquist said…
Rich, I guess the more common nomenclature is a Clearing saw. Here is a link: . I call it a swing saw because it is worn with a harness and you swing it side to side. Makes very short work of brush up to a couple of inches thick.
Anonymous said…
Do you plug it into a current bush for power?
Art Blomquist said…
Jean, We eat the currents and use the ensuing gas!
Anonymous said…
A true recycler, eh?

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